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Personal data shall mean any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural or a living person which is also referred to as the ‘Data Subject ‘

Data Controller is a person who either alone, jointly with other persons or in common with other persons or as a statutory duty determines the purposes for and the manner in which personal data is processed or is to be processed.

Data processor in relation to personal data means any person other than an employee of the data controller who processes the data on behalf of the data controller.

Yes, section 27 (1) A data controller who intends to process personal data shall

Register with the Commission.

Yes, but it should be ensured that the third party is registered and in compliance with the eight (8) principles of the Data Protection Act 843. 

Yes, if they are operating in our jurisdiction, they are required to comply with the Data protection regulations in Ghana.

The institution should register with Register General's Department to acquire a corporate TIN.

No, you cannot be guaranteed that your data would be protected if they are not complying to data protection principles.

Yes, section 60 (1) of the Data Protection Acts 843 exempts processing of personal data for the following reasons.

  • Public order
  • Public safety
  • Public morality
  • National security
  • Public interest

The Data Controller, Data Processor and Data subject each play a role in protecting personal data

Notify the Data Protection Commission as soon as possible

Yes, it does. of the act talks about the rights if a data subject in relation to exempt manual data

The Commission provides for the process to obtain, hold, use or disclose personal information and for other related issues bordering on the protection of personal data.