Data Protection Commission (DPC) celebrates  Data Protection and Privacy Day  on 28th January and Data Protection Week commencing 28th January. The Data Protection Commission is pleased to announce participation in Global Data Protection Week, from 28th January to 1st February 2019 with national activities scheduled throughout the week under the theme “A New Chapter in Enforcing Accountability and Empowering Data Subjects.”

More and more of our personal data is being used in electronic form and shared at speed and in high volumes across all business sectors including civil society making it difficult to control. Personal data is any information that uniquely identifies a living individual such as name, date of birth, identity numbers (NHIS, DVLA), biometric data etc.

Personal data in the wrong hands can cause great harm, damage and distress; which is why it is important that measures are put in place to safeguard personal data from accidental loss, unauthorized disclosure and unlawful use.

The Right to have privacy is globally accepted as a fundamental Human Right. Data Protection Week offers a valuable opportunity to inform and empower people in Ghana (known as Data Subjects) of their Rights under the Data Protection Act 2012 (Act 843) and how to exercise these Rights; including how to seek redress such as compensation.

Businesses that process people’s personal data (known as Data Controllers) will gain insight into their obligations under the Data Protection Act 2012 (Act 843); which include registering with DPC and renewing every 2 years to enable support and guidance from DPC. Failure to do so could result in enforcement action.

Activities taking place across the country to celebrate Global Data Protection Week 2019 include:

  • 28/01/2019 Celebration of Global Data Protection Day to include Interviews with data protection/data privacy professionals, articles and news bulletins across media platforms.
  • 29- 30/01/2019 Launch of the National Youth Sensitization program, starting with regional sensitization events in selected schools in the Western, Northern, and Ashanti regions, aiming to enlighten digitally savvy youth about privacy and data protection Rights and empower them to champion the program themed #MyDataMyPrivacyGH
  • 29-30/01/2019 Regional events including an interactive Radio/TV program focusing on Data Privacy, Accountability and Privacy Rights of Data Subjects etc.
  • 06/02/2019       Formal opening of new Data Commission Office, unveiling of new brand identity and launch of the 2019 work plan and National Awareness Campaign through youth sensitization.

The Commission provides for the process to obtain, hold, use or disclose personal information and for other related issues bordering on the protection of personal data.